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Official Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society of Africa
2016, Metamorphosis Volume 27 Articles: 92 - 102
Publication Date : 2016-12-27
Author/s : Reinier F. Terblanche

Title :

Acraea trimeni Aurivillius, [1899], Acraea stenobea Wallengren, 1860 and Acraea neobule Doubleday, [1847] on host-plant Adenia repanda (Burch.) Engl. at Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa

Abstract :

The climber Adenia repanda (Passifloraceae) is a new host-plant species record for Acraea trimeni, Acraea stenobea and Acraea neobule. Final instar larvae and pupae of A. trimeni and A. stenobea are described for the first time. Keys are provided with alignment of terminology to studies of Heliconiinae from the Neotropical Region. The final instar larvae of A. trimeni differ from others in the zetes-group. Use of host-plant A. repanda on the plains of semi-arid Eastern Kalahari Bushveld Bioregion with periodic droughts, is significant for A. trimeni which belongs to a tropical centred zetes-group. A. repanda is favoured by stock and often grows from under the canopies of Boscia albitrunca and Senegalia mellifera subsp. detinens trees. It is hypothesised that low stocking rates and the presence of large predators such as lions (Panthera leo) could favour abundance of A. repanda. A. repanda is an ant-associated plant species whose stems and leaves (with extrafloral nectaries) are constantly patrolled by ants of genera Anoplolepis and Crematogaster. Anoplolepis custodiens attack the larvae of A.neobule on A. repanda rather than forming symbiotic relationships which it has with many myrmecophilous lycaenid larvae.

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Adenia repanda, Acraea trimeni, Acraea stenobea, Acraea neobule, larvae, pupae, Boscia albitrunca, Senegalia mellifera, stocking rates, lions, ants, Anoplolepis, Crematogaster

Citation :

COPYRIGHT NOTICE : Copyright © Lepidopterists' Society of Africa

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