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Official Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society of Africa
1992, Metamorphosis Volume 3, Issue 4: 139 - 147
Publication Date : 1992-12-31
Author/s : Seon Woo Cheong and Chang Eon Lee

Title :

Comparative morphology and systematics on the female genitalia of the Pieridae (Lepidoptera)

II. Genus Pieris and other genera of Pierinae

Abstract :

The macro and microstructures of bursa copulatrix of twenty-three species of Pierniae were compared and systematically discussed.  All 14 species of Pierinae which were studied in this paper had prominent appendix bursae.  Among these species of Pierinae, the of Pierinae, the appendix bursa of Aporia crataegi was biggest in size, while the ductus bursa of Hebomoia glaucippe was longest in length.  The shapes of signa on corpus bursae were also observed.  Generally the signa of Pieris were plate-like, horizontal to bursae, and symmetrical.  However, signa were folded, vertical to the bursae and asymmetrical in many other genera.  Generally, folded signa are located on the cervical parts of corpus bursae, but in genus Appias and in some species such as Aporia crataegi, Anaphaeis aurota, Metaporia agathon, Tatochila autodicand Hebomois glaucippe, folded signa were located on the dorsal parts.  Noreover, the signum of Cepora nadina was cervical but plate-like.  The shape of signum was variable according to the species and is considered as an important character in the classification of Pierinae.  In addition, the fine structure of the innersurface processes of corpus bursae were compared.  The processes of Pieris were not sharp but triangular and varied between different species.  The processes in other genera exhibited unique patterns respectively.

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