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Search Results Official Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society of Africa
2017, Metamorphosis Volume 28: 16 - 21
Publication Date : 2017-05-29
Author/s : Tomasz W. Pyrcz
Title :

Mauritius butterflies revisited: short faunal survey reveals a new record for the Mascarene fauna – Leptotes jeanneli (Stempffer)

Abstract :

Results of a short survey on the island of Mauritius are presented. A total of 30 species are listed and commented upon, with special reference to the recently published similar study by Lawrence (2016). Hypolimnas anthedon drucei (Butler), considered previously as migratory on Mauritius, is reported as forming a well-established population in the SW of the island. Cyclyrius mandersi (Druce), considered as possibly extinct, is found on the eastern coast. Furthermore, a new record for the island is reported, Leptotes jeanneli (Stempffer). Adults and male genitalia are illustrated and compared to L. pirithous (Linnaeus) showing that the two species are rather easily identified by their external morphology.

Search Results Official Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society of Africa
2017, Metamorphosis Volume 28: 11 - 15
Publication Date : 2017-05-21
Author/s : Rienk de Jong
Title :

A new species of Zophopetes Mabille, 1904 (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) from Cameroon.

Abstract :

A new species of the African genus Zophopetes Mabille, 1904 (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae), Zophopetes barteni, is described from the forest around Ebogo, Cameroon. Differentiating characters of the Zophopetes species are presented in a diagnostic key. Remarks are made on the relationship of Zophopetes to other genera of the Ploetzia group, as well as to other genera groups.

Search Results African Butterfly News
2017, May/Jun: 1 - 30
Publication Date : 2017-05-08
Author/s : Jeremy C H Dobson
Title :


Abstract :

Welcome to the Early Winter edition of African Butterfly News!

You will notice our revamped logo at the top-right of the page, created by Hans Bloemmen, a Belgian artist and a friend of Jan Praet. While we are never going to achieve full consensus on this, I believe the new logo is a considerable improvement on its predecessor. As the logo only includes the abbreviation “LepSoc Africa” it should be accompanied at all times with our full title “The Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa”. There have been several discussions recently regarding a common, English name for Lepidoptera. We have used “Buttermoth” as an interim measure, but this name has attracted a mixed response.LepSoc Africa council have decided to adopt the British approach, referring to all Lepidoptera as Butterflies: the term “moth” will simply disappear. Traditionally a “butterfly” enthusiast might have been exclusively interested in the Papilionidae family; a “moth” devotee might have specialised in Geometridae for example. We are now all merely students of “Butterflies”, in all their diversity! Please try and assist the Society with this approach: we want to try and make the butterfly / moth division a thing of the past. The new website is up and running and has a fully functional mailing system ( Many thanks to Dave and Hanna Edge, who have spent a lot of time setting this up and rationalizing the membership-list and subscriptions payment system.

Search Results Official Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society of Africa
2017, Metamorphosis Volume 28: 2 - 10
Publication Date : 2017-04-21
Author/s : Szabolcs Sáfián
Title :

Three new species in the genus Iolaus Hübner, 1819 (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Theclinae) from West Africa 

Abstract :

Two new species, Iolaus jadwigae sp.nov. and I. liberiana sp.nov., were collected recently in Liberia during field surveys in the Putu Range and the Nimba Mountains, respectively. They are described with I. kupe sp.nov., a third species, which was recognised as undescribed in the Lepidoptera collection of the African Butterfly Research Institute, Nairobi, collected in the Gulf of Guinea Highlands (Mount Kupe, Cameroon).

Search Results Babbel Blues
2016: 1 - 55
Publication Date : 2017-04-19
Author/s : Andre Coetzer
Title :

Babbel Blues Issue 5 Summer 2016

Abstract :

Another six months has passed and it's time for a new Babbel Blues! The buttermoth season is well on its way, and we can only hope that the late rains will help to bring some much needed life to all the dry parts of South Africa! In this issue we start off by advertising some of the Society’s recent publications. This includes a massive once in a lifetime sale of SABCA (South African Butterfly Conservation Assessment) books, as well as some information about the recently launched Practical Guide that is available in e-book format. In this issue we also have some exciting trip articles from abroad. Starting with the biggest collection of African butterflies and talking to the man behind the "Voetspore" TV show, talking about driving through unexplored buttermoth terrain! We have a bilingual article on the mountains of Golden Gate, and then we continue with our regulars. There is also an informative article on how to get started with mothing for anyone who is interested, as well as some tips for rearing the early stages of buttermoths. We have another succinct identification guide to help sort out some tricky but common butterfly identifications, as well as some society news to wrap things up. We hope that you enjoy this issue, and please remember to send any comments or personal stories to the editorial panel. Enjoy the last few months of summer, and we look forward to hearing stories and trips and events! We are always looking for new articles so please feel free to send through any of your own article ideas or stories!

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