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The Mulanje Tiger Moth (Callioratis grandis), is an extremely localised species known only from Mount Mulanje in Malawi. It feeds solely on the Mulanje Cycad, Encephalartos gratus, and is here raised to full species status and assessed as Critically Endangered using the IUCN criteria.

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The strange hovering behaviour of male Scarce Fig-tree Blues (Myrina dermaptera dermaptera) was observed and photographed for the first time by Steve Woodhall around a fig tree at Shongweni in KZN.

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The life histories of a number of Afrotropical Swordtails (Graphium) species (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea: Papilionidae) are examined and described and some relationships are suggested. Graphium leonidas zanzibaricus is reinstated as a valid taxon.

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The Table Mountain Beauty (Aeropetes tulbaghia), featured on the cover of Metamorphosis Vol 21 no.4, has been nominated by LepSoc to become South Africa’s National Butterfly. It is a large and attractive butterfly, widespread throughout South Africa's mountains and endemic to SA and Zimbabwe. It is the only pollinator of many of our wild flowers including the Red Disa (Disa uniflora).

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Metamorphosis has evolved from humble beginnings as a newsletter for LepSoc Africa members into a highly respected scientific journal publishing articles on the taxonomy, life histories, ecology, biogeography and conservation of Afrotropical Lepidoptera. This website also houses these other important LepSoc Africa publications:

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