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 Metamorphosis The objectives of Metamorphosis are:

  1. To encourage scientific research into African Lepidoptera.
  2. To increase the visibility of the Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa (LepSoc Africa) and our journal to the world Scientific and Conservation communities.
  3. To operate a dedicated Open Access Metamorphosis website making all previously published and current Metamorphosis articles available as PDFs to both LepSoc Africa members and non members (Registered Users).
  4. To remove the restrictions on content by having no limit on the amount of coloured illustrations.
  5. To eliminate LepSoc Africa authors having to pay page or article fees, unlike most other Open Access journals.
  6. To steadily expand the scope, quantity and quality of the Metamorphosis scientific peer reviewers.
  7. To continuously improve the quality of published articles and the scientific standing of Metamorphosis.
  8. To encourage authors new to scientific publishing by providing mentors where needed to develop author skills.
  9. To achieve and maintain the Society’s position as the primary source of information on African Lepidoptera.
  10. To make the encyclopaedia "Afrotropical Butterflies" freely available on the Metamorphosis website.
  11. To separately produce an annual printed version of Metamorphosis including all articles published for the calendar year, available free to Sponsor and Honorary Life Members of LepSoc Africa, and also to subscribers from both inside and outside the Society.

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