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Babbel Blues
2014: 1 - 58
Publication Date : 2014-09-01
Author/s : Lepidopterists' Society of Africa

Title :

Babbel Blues issue 2 Spring 2014

Abstract :

Welcome back to our second edition of Babbel Blues. The response was overwhelming from readers and we are thrilled that so many of you have taken the trouble to comment. A small number of the most interesting comments were entered into the lekking tree for interest sake. By and large the magazine itself was well received and enjoyed by all, a trend we will try and maintain! What a pleasure to put together a magazine with so much content. A heartfelt thanks to all the authors that contribute and if we were an audience I would have asked you to stand up and clap your hands. We would like to apologise for the glitch concerning multiple messages sent to everyone when the first edition was sent out. This was caused by a configuration problem in our mailing list, which has now been fixed. In this issue we have a number of very interesting arti-cles, not limited to, but including a trip to a very exotic place, a nostalgic view of the SABCA experience as well as some insight into the conservation needs of Lepidoptera across the whole of Africa. Our regular features have been continued and two new ones have been added, an insightful section on photography and the rearing of caterpillars. When looking at Facebook and other pages it is clear that there is a huge interest in this and we have asked some of the leading butterfly photographers to share some of their special tricks with us. In this issue a basic introduction is presented but in future editions some really interesting techniques will be explored. A few housekeeping notes are in order. We have compiled a list of the people who would prefer the higher quality version of the magazine. We will mail the basic version and provide a link for those people that would like to download the higher quality version as well. Also, a few people felt that the duplication of some articles in both languages was confusing, therefore we will split our distribution list into two – those that would prefer the bilingual version and those that would prefer the English version only. Rest assured, the content will be the same, with just a language difference.To finish off, we hope you enjoy this edition of Babbel Blues, and feel free to e-mail us comments and suggestions so that we can continue to improve this little e-magazine.

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Babbel Blues, LepSoc

Citation :

COPYRIGHT NOTICE : Copyright © Lepidopterists' Society of Africa

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