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 All copyright for contributions published in this journal belongs to Metamorphosis and/or the individual author(s), in terms of a Creative Commons license, which can be viewed at, and which only allows users to copy, distribute and transmit the work, whilst prohibiting commercial use and preventing alteration, transformation of, or building upon the work. The finally formatted, printed version is under the copyright of LepSoc as the publisher, although the author(s) retain the right to fully use the content of the article, provided that the publisher is acknowledged. Text extracts may be used by third parties with prior, written permission from the Metamorphosis editor and (as a minimum) the senior author. The journal name (Metamorphosis), volume, number and date of publication must be acknowledged by the third party together with the author(s) and title of the article.

Page charges and availability

Authors who are members of the Lepidopterists' Society of Africa (LepSoc) do not pay any page charges, charges for colour plates, or any other charges. Non-LepSoc authors will be advised by the Editor upon receipt of their manuscript what charges will be levied. Articles will be available online within a few days of acceptance of a final version by the Editor. An electronic version of systematic (taxonomic) papers will be e-mailed to appropriate libraries to comply with the new ICZN rules. A printed hard copy of the Journal will be available at the end of each year to subscribers and life members of the Lepidopterists' Society of Africa.

Compliance with ICZN rules

An electronic version (PDF) of all systematic articles will be sent to appropriate libraries and museums, to comply with the new ICZN rules. The articles themselves and the taxonomic acts within them will be registered on the Zoobank website.

Reprints and distribution via websites

Author(s) will be provided with a high quality PDF file of their paper by e-mail. Authors are permitted to produce any number of reprints identical to the printed manuscripts using these PDF files. They are also permitted to make such PDFs available on their personal or institutional websites.


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