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Metamorphosis browser compatibility

The Metamorphosis CMS works with all browsers on both Windows PC and Mac computers as it is coded according to current web development standards. As far as possible, systems are in place to cope with the differences in implementation of standards on the most popular browser platforms.

Although the Metamorphosis CMS can be viewed on all modern browsers and steps have been taken to ensure compatibility wherever possible, it is always recommended that users keep their browsers up to date for both security as well as enhanced feature benefits.

You will be able to view the Metamorphosis website on both desktop, mobile or hand held devices, however the site structure is not currently set up in a responsive design format. Of course we have no influence on which technologies are enabled on each individual system and it is currently not possible to enable flash-based technologies to run on an iOS or enable any technologies that certain browsers do not support.


When working with Metamorphosis CMS Administration panel, you need access to a browser (of your choice) as well as a keyboard or mouse. We recommend using a Windows based PC or Mac operating system and any modern browser will suffice. Most features also work on mobile devices but the usability is not as good without either a keyboard or mouse.

Browsers used during development and testing
Metamorphosis CMS was developed in php with a MySQL database on a Windows based platform but all features were tested extensively in a Mac environment during development. It is our recommendation that administrative users of the site make use of Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for maximum compatibility.

On completion of the development phase, the Metamorphosis CMS was tested on numerous platforms and in different browsers with various operating systems. For maximum compatibility, functionality and usability to be achieved, we recommend using the system with the any of the following browsers:

1) Mozilla FireFox
2) Google Chrome
3) Internet Explorer
4) Safari
5) Opera

Implementation has been performed on both Windows and Mac clients with both 32bit and 64bit processors. The systems listed below were tested during development and implementation of the initial Metamorphosis system and were all found to be compatible. Extensive testing on Mac operating systems (incl all versions created from 2009 to 2012) was found to be stable and fully compatible.

Windows systems
1) Windows 8
2) Windows 7
3) Windows XP
4) Windows Vista

Linux, Android and Apple iOS
As there are a vast number of Linux distributions we cannot test in all variants, however we are able to confirm full functionality in Ubuntu distributions and have tested the system on a number of Android iterations and from iOS4 upwards on the Apple iOS platform. It is, however, recommended that updates are performed in a desktop environment as the current design is not responsive in nature.

File Uploads, Downloads and Document Archives
The Metamorphosis system was designed to allow for the inclusion of a document or file upload facility without the additional installation of any proprietary software on your computer. However, the creation or viewing of files of this type would usually be done via a word processing or spreadsheet application and would therefore require said software to be installed on the users system. The Metamorphosis CMS system merely provides an archival storage facility for existing documents creating in other programmes. Documents created with MS-Word, Excel as well as standard portable document formats (pdf) are accepted for upload via the browser based system.

Graphics, Images and Multimedia Uploads
Photographs, digital camera captured images, graphics in jpg, png and gif format are fully compatible with the system and there is also an option to embed video links where applicable. Note that Flash enabled functionality on Mac based operating systems is not supported and these videos will not function via any Mac based system.

BMP and TIFF files are not as effective as .jpg, .png or .gif. However they can be added to Metamorphosis but are not recommended as their compression format results in the creation of larger files requiring more bandwidth and longer download times.






METAMORPHOSIS, Skin the Cat Creative Lab, its partners, affiliates or representatives do not accept any responsibility for any errors that occur as a result of inaccuracies captured via the online Web Administration Panel. Support for any technical issues arising from data capture and/or entry issues will be subject to our standard terms & conditions which are available by request.


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