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The Metamorphosis website works with all current browsers on both Windows PC and Mac 32 and 64 bit computers as it is coded according to current web development standards. As far as possible, systems are in place to cope with the differences in implementation of standards on the most popular browser platforms. Whilst steps have been taken to ensure compatibility wherever possible, it is always recommended that users keep their browsers up to date for both security as well as enhanced feature benefits. The Metamorphosis website can be viewed on both desktop, mobile or hand held devices. Maximum compatibility, functionality and usability is achieved by using the system with the any of the following browsers:

1)      Mozilla Fire Fox

2)      Google Chrome

3)      Internet Explorer

4)      Safari

5)      Opera

File uploads and downloads

The Metamorphosis website provides an archival storage facility for existing documents created in other programmes and converted to standard portable document formats (PDFs) for upload. The system works best on PDFs of less than 5 Mb, but documents up to 10 Mb can be accommodated, but with a longer download time.


METAMORPHOSIS, Skin the Cat Creative Lab, its partners, affiliates or representatives do not accept any responsibility for any errors that occur as a result of inaccuracies captured via the online Web Administration Panel. Support for any technical issues arising from data capture and/or entry issues will be subject to our standard terms & conditions which are available by request.


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