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Outcomes of the review process

The Editor will evaluate the review reports from the reviewers and make a final decision. The outcome will be categorised as one of the following:

1. Acceptable as is (apart from editorial changes).

2. Acceptable, but requires minor revision (to the satisfaction of the Editor).

3. Requires major revision and reconsideration (will require to be reviewed again).

4. Rejected, not acceptable for publication in the journal.

Author’s responsibilities          

In the event of a peer review outcome in categories 2 or 3 above, the Editor will submit the peer review reports to the senior (or corresponding) author for response and correction. The senior author will respond to the peer review, either by correcting the text or by explaining why correction is not necessary. The revised text/ figures must be resubmitted by the author(s) to the Editor for consideration. Failure to adequately address the issues raised by the reviewers to the Editor’s satisfaction may result in the article(s) being rejected for publication. In the event of any kind of dispute the Editor’s decision is final.

Editor to keep reviewers informed

To keep Reviewers informed on the final decision on the manuscript, the Editor will:

 1. At the conclusion of the review, if requested, provide them the review reports of other reviewers.

2. Give feedback on the outcome of a manuscript, and if requested send them a copy of the final article.



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